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The Porsche Prestige Team

Our team is composed of professionals, experts and technicians, they are all Porsche enthusiasts. They will look after you and your vehicle, the Porsche way.

Please contact us for any request or question you may have.

Olivier Moutran

Olivier Moutran | Sales Manager

Olivier has always been passionate about cars. As a toddler, he would spend countless hours re-arranging his toy-car collection. At the age of 19, he got his first job in sales in the car industry. After two fun and fulfilling years, he left the automotive business to pursue his university degree at McGill and to work in the family business. When that adventure came to an end in late 2010, Olivier quickly came back to the automotive business and has been a valued member of Porsche Prestige since 2013. As a certified Porsche brand ambassador, he is committed to achieving very high customer satisfaction and thrives in the daily grind, and honour, that is representing one of the world’s top brands: Porsche.

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Renny Bettan

Renny Bettan | Pre-Owned Vehicle Manager

I have always loved cars, Porsche more specifically; I have been part of the Rennsport Porsche club since 1986. Being involved with track events and club racing for many years. I have been in the car industry for the past 15 years now, and with Porsche Prestige for the past 7 years. Having grown the market share drastically over the last 7 years, with a prior background in Telecommunication and worldwide travels, have given me the tools needed to relate to all types of personalities. I have developed listening skills and communications skills needed to deal with people. I am very adaptable to various conditions and environments. I love the challenge and opportunities that come with the car industry, whether it be leasing, or selling cars. I am the proud husband of my high school sweetheart Paola and have the joy of having three beautiful children Zachary, Veronica and Cassandra who bring joy to my life every day.

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Stéphane Picault

Stéphane Picault | Lease Renewal Manager

Stephane is passionate about cars and the car industry in general. For that reason working for Porsche represents a fulfillment. Customer satisfaction is paramount to him and he will make every effort so that you are fully comfortable during the selection process, delivery, and ownership of your next vehicle. Stephane is originally from France, lived in the USA for six years before coming to Montreal in 2003. He is now a Canadian citizen. He has joined Porsche in 2016. He had three previous experiences in the automobile industry at Mercedes-Benz, Acura, and Honda. Prior to that Stephane was a Sales manager in the retail industry. He also has an extended experience in research as he worked for a university and the federal government in the USA. He holds two masters degrees, and completed the coursework of a Ph.D program.

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Vincent  Allaire

Vincent Allaire | Porsche Certified Sales Specialist

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about sports cars. As my entire family is working in the clothing industry, I ended up in that same field, until a few years ago. I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to work in a field I was truly passionate about. I left everything and decided to take on this new challenge. All that time spent in the clothing industry wasn’t wasted. It taught me the importance of customer service: “Come for the product, stay for the service”. That’s why I strive to make every customer’s visit, from the first one to the vehicle delivery, a unique experience: the Porsche experience. I spent some time working for other makes to get to know the business, but in the back of my mind, there was only one goal, Porsche. Now that I’m here, I wish to share my passion and my knowledge for this legendary brand. Every product that wears a Porsche badge has its roots bathed in a rich racing heritage and is still to this day on the cutting edge of performance, technology and safety. Let me show you what makes our cars so special and help you realize your dream of owning a Porsche.

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Samuel Fernandes

Samuel Fernandes | Porsche Certified Sales Specialist

As far as I can remember, cars have always been my number one passion. Influenced by my father; I would always be by his side when he would work on his cars, and I loved going with him on rides that had no destinations. I would always wake up early on Sunday mornings just so I could watch Formula 1 races with him. Growing up I always knew that I would end up working with cars. In 2009 I got my first opportunity, starting here at Porsche Prestige as the jockey for used cars. After that I took on the challenge of expanding my knowledge for this make and worked in the service department as the internal service advisor. Now developing my knowledge furthermore in the automotive industry as a pre-owned vehicle sales specialist, representing one of the best makes in the world: Porsche. 

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Joe Yang

Joe Yang | Porsche Certified Sales Specialist

As a new member of the Porsche Prestige family, I’m very excited to be building my experience with such a prestigious brand as Porsche. I’ve been passionate about cars since I was very young. I used to ask my father for an auto magazine every month, even if I only knew a few words at that time. I always wanted a career in the automobile industry. This decision was ignited as my father has been working for over 20 years at the China Automobile Dealers Association. He is a big fan of the Porsche Racing Team in the 24 hours of Le Mans. This has exposed me to the automotive world. I take great pride to be an important role in the process where customers realize their dreams. I always enjoy working hard for customer satisfaction and I’m looking forward in helping you find your dream car.

作为保时捷Prestige大家庭的新成员,获得为保时捷这样一个顶级品牌工作的机会令我感到十分兴奋.从小时候起我就对汽车投入了非常高的热情, 尽管那个时候还不认识很多字,我就已经要求父亲每月买新的汽车杂志供我阅读. 一直以来我都将汽车行业作为我的职业规划目标,这个决定也是受了父亲的影响,他为中国汽车流通协会工作超过20年,并且还是勒芒24小时耐力赛保时捷车队的忠实粉丝, 是他带我走进了汽车的世界.如今能够在客户实现梦想的过程中扮演协助者的角色,我感到异常骄傲,与此同时我也非常享受为客户的满意而工作的过程.


Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

George Emile Tinawi

George Emile Tinawi | Porsche Certified Sales Specialist

Growing up, I always had this incredible attraction for sports cars. I was amazed and obsessed by these super cars, watching them hit the streets and take over the town. Little did I know then that this obsession would become my greatest passion. Over the years, I developed an interest 
for the automotive industry as a whole. I started my career in the after sales service sector and understood quite rapidly what Porsche stood for. It’s at that moment that my love for the brand began.  In 2017, I got the opportunity to work for Porsche where my passion and admiration grew stronger.  
For me, the 911 is the tree trunk from which all other models stems from. Pass by Porsche Prestige, I’m looking forward to serving you and to share my passion with you. 

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Nicolas Theodorou

Nicolas Theodorou | Porsche Certified Sales Specialist

My passion for sports cars was ignited at a very young age and it all started when my father bought me a poster of a 1988 Porsche 959. Little did I know, I would later be spending everyday with my dream cars. Going on my 12th year in the automotive industry, not only am I living my childhood dream, but I get to spend time with customers who share the same passion as I do. My name is Nick Theodorou, sales specialist at Porsche Prestige and I am committed to finding the vehicle that you’ve been dreaming of! 

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Abi Shun

Abi Shun | Porsche Pro

From a very young age I developed a huge passion and love for cars. I’m what they call a car fanatic. Ever since I was kid, I was able to provide precise information about certain cars. Everyone around me were surprised that I knew all these small details. I began my journey in the car industry at Porsche Prestige in 2017, as a jockey for the sales department. I was granted the privilege to drive these amazing cars on daily basis. It was truly a dream come true to me. And now I have taken a step closer as the Porsche Pro to help the clients know and understand their dream car.

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Josée Lévesque

Josée Lévesque | F&I Manager

As a car enthusiast, Josée always knew she wanted to work in the automotive industry. Her career in this business started 15 years ago. She has occupied almost all positions in a dealership, whether in the service department, sales department and now in finance and insurance. She is passionate about her work as she takes great pride in representing Porsche, an innovative and well-respected brand in the industry. Therefore, she puts all of her energy in providing to her clients an outstanding experience, here at Porsche Prestige. She will meet and exceed their expectations, for a pleasant and straightforward relationship. As the F&I Manage at Porsche Prestige, Josée will be more than happy to serve you. 

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Marco Catena

Marco Catena | Service Manager

As a young boy I was always passionate about cars. I remember dismantling my toy cars, pretending to repair the engine and lifting it up to perform the oil change.  By the time I reached my teens, I knew that I wanted to work with cars. Getting my hands dirty and greasy was an addiction for me, not only did I complete a DEP in auto mechanics but I had also completed a more intense program, ASP.

 After 10 years of experience repairing cars for the Acura brand, I then moved on, becoming a service advisor for both Toyota and for Honda. By the year 2002, I joined the Gabriel Group to work as a service advisor in their new Mazda dealership. Within just 3 years, I was asked to be the service manager at the high volume Hyundai dealership. By April 2010, I was promoted to Porsche Prestige to make sure that clients receive the treatment they deserve.  

With almost 30 years’ experience and having completed the National Automobile Dealers Association Certificate, I have mastered the importance in making sure clients remain completely satisfied. It is an honor to be chosen to work for one of the best brand name vehicles.  

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Federico Riti

Federico Riti | Service Advisor

I have been with Porsche Prestige since 2005 as a certified after sales consultant. I have had the privilege of being here while the make was fully expanding and to witness the constant evolution of the company. As a highly motivated individual, my continuous goal seeking keeps me striving for more, on a personal and professional level. Offering individuals the customer experience of a lifetime provides a great thrill for me, whilst the interaction with them contributes to my satisfaction. I take my role wholeheartedly and I am proud to be part of the Porsche team on a daily basis. When working for Porsche, there is no substitute.

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email:

Franco Cristiano

Franco Cristiano | Service Advisor

My first profession took off when I started working for Porsche Prestige in September 2009, as a driver for the dealer. I have always been an enthusiast of the car make as well as German culture in general and a proud Porsche certified ambassador at a very young age.  Since my humble beginnings here, I have been promoted to technical consultant, partially because I fell in love with the make immediately and was able to develop my interactive skills. I love the depth of the German performance engineering and the precision in which the vehicles lap at a higher speed. The customers are absolutely infatuated with their vehicles and with the make in general, which makes it even more exciting to work here. I find it important to satisfy our clientele and to involve them with the motor sport world. 

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Antonio De Rosa

Antonio De Rosa | Parts Manager

The automotive industry is very familiar to me. I have been dealing with cars since the age of 15, and have been doing so for the past 30 years. Like most young fellows I started working as a stock boy, transitioned to parts clerk and graduated to manager. Before coming to Porsche, I was working for an American dealership. For the past three years at the Porsche dealership I grew to appreciate the heritage of the brand. It is an honor to work for a company constantly innovating and creating vehicles built for the love of driving. On a more personal note, I love dealing with customers and technicians, it gives me a chance to share with them my knowledge, my passion and my experience. 

Phone: 514.356.7777 • Email: