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Porsche Scheduled Maintenance

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan:

The perfect way to keep your Porsche at its peak.


Now that you’ve purchased a new Porsche, protect its performance and value with the finest care available. The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan allows you to manage all of your factory-recommended scheduled maintenance appointments through the convenience of prepayment. Not only will you have the confidence that your maintenance is being completed to Porsche standards by Porsche-trained technicians, you can rest easy knowing that these services will be without charge when performed at an authorized Porsche Centre. The plan covers all the routine service and inspections Porsche specifies, for the length of the term you choose, keeping your vehicle operating in peak condition.

Save on maintenance costs With the Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan, you lock in maintenance costs to protect against inflation and service price increases. The plan also delivers savings over paying for maintenance as you go. Depending on your model type and the term you choose, you are likely to save up to 15% on scheduled maintenance services. You can also enjoy the convenience of including the Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan in your monthly payment when you lease or finance through Porsche

Financial Services Canada. Protect the value of your vehicle by ensuring that your Porsche vehicle is receiving all of its scheduled maintenance services, you are helping to protect its resale value. The benefits of the plan are also transferable to the next owner if you sell your vehicle during the term of your contract – adding to its potential resale value. Customized to your driving style

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan gives you the flexibility to select the terms best suited to your driving needs, from three years/45,000 kilometres to five years/75,000 kilometres.Depending on how much you drive your Porsche, there’s a plan available to help you maintain the performance of your vehicle.

Plan I: 3 years/45,000 kilometres

Plan II: 4 years/60,000 kilometres

Plan III: 5 years/75,000 kilometres

Plan coverage

The plan covers all Porsche-specified regularly scheduled maintenance – as outlined in your

Porsche’s maintenance booklet – for the time or mileage (whichever occurs sooner) of your contract,


• Engine oil and filter changes

• Engine air filter, pollen filter, spark plug, tire sealant, and brake fluid replacement

• Comprehensive inspections of all parts and systems

Please contact your Porsche Centre for details about the Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan, including whether you are eligible to participate and how to select the plan that’s right for you.


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