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Keep cool this summer

Porsche Air Conditioning Service


A fully functioning air conditioning system can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your Porsche, particularly during the summer, so it is well worth having it properly maintained.


Porsche's fitted with Air Conditioning will require a recharge or adjust some of the settings from time to time. If you notice a reduction in the efficiency of your Porsche Air Conditioning system, and a steaming of the windscreen when the vehicle is first started, then it may just require a gas recharge or adjust some of the settings.

Porsche recommends that you have your Porsche’s air conditioning system serviced as a preventive maintenance, every two years, which can prevent costly repairs. 

Regular service keeps contaminants from circulating throughout a Porsche’s air conditioning system, a leading cause of system failure. Service consists of: evacuation of any moisture, recharging the system while adding the proper amount of freon/R134, and a visual inspection of the entire air conditioning system.

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Date Posted: July 11, 2019