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Porsche Classic Fuel Additive

The Porsche Classic Fuel Additive provides optimum protection for the entire fuel system of your classic and of your classic-to-be. It is compatible with the materials used by Porsche. In addition, resin buildup on the injection nozzles or injection valves is prevented which ensures smooth engine running after a prolonged service life.


When a vehicle is left stationary for long periods of time, the fuel additive can give many advantages. It will protection against corrosion for all metallic components in the fuel system that come into contact with the fuel. In addition, it ensures that deposits are not able to cause damage to the fuel tank and fuel system. That means your Porsche will keep performing as expected.


In order to achieve these optimal results, nothing was left to chance during development, with intensive testing taking place throughout the process. The intensive test programme included various compatibility tests - especially with regard to installed Porsche Classic Genuine Parts - as well as tests for corrosion protection and the forming of resin.


Prior to storing the vehicle, put the entire contents into the tank before the fueling process and then fill up the tank completely. There is sufficient capacity for 55-85 liters of fuel. To distribute the fuel additive throughout the entire system and to ensure optimum protection, drive for at least 15 km as the next step.

Contact your Porsche Prestige parts department for more details or to order.

Date Posted: October 7, 2019