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Wheel alignment and tire change.

Your Porsche Prestige service center reminds you that in order to take the road in all safety and to maintain your vehicle in good running condition, it is a must to keep your wheel alignment in check. In addition to increasing your fuel efficiency and reducing uneven and premature tire tread wear, performing wheel alignment improves car handling and assures safety driving.

It is highly recommended to have the wheel alignment done at every tire change and/or replacement. Poor road conditions may sometimes fail us, it is then very important to remain attentive to your vehicle with any handling change and unusual sounds.

In preparation of the winter, you can book your appointment as of now to do the tire change and the wheel alignment*. Two key services that go hand in hand, that ultimately will make you save time and money. *4 wheel alignment starting at 260.95$ + tax. Details in store.

Don’t hesitate to call us, we are there to answer all your questions and give you judicious advice. Leave the servicing and the maintenance of your Porsche vehicle to our certified experts.

Date Posted: September 8, 2020