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Winter storage

Summer is over... it’s now time to plan the storage of your Porsche for the winter. Many Porsche enthusiasts are not aware of proper vehicle storage procedures. Here are a few tips on different procedures to follow for the best vehicle storage conditions, as per the recommendations of Porsche AG. Firstly, you would have to visit your favorite Porsche center, Porsche Prestige, to have them change the engine oil and oil filter shortly before storing the vehicle. You must store your vehicle with clean oil, free of contaminates. Before storage, you must also fill the fuel tank. Porsche does not approve any additives so a fuel stabiliser is not recommended. It is recommended that the vehicle be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. The vehicle has to be completely dry before storage. These are just a few tips before you store your Porsche for the winter.
Contact your Porsche Prestige center if you seek more advice or details. 

Date Posted: November 7, 2019