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Our parts department has everything in store when it comes to take good care of your Classic car. Our part specialists play a big role in recommending you products and accessories to make sure your Classic car will be running like a charm and will be fun to drive when you sit behind its wheel.  

Porsche recognize the importance of the special needs of your Classic car and developed high standard products and accessories. The engine is the heart nourished, among other things, by the fuel line and it’s a known fact that a stationary engine caused by winter storage and by occasional driving requires special care and attention. For that purpose, to avoid condensation, residue on the carburator and injectors that will eventuallly lead to corrosion, adding a fuel additive is greatly recommended. The Porsche Classic fuel additive provides a long-lasting protection up to 7 months. In doing so, you will not be challenged to a car that may not start at all, may jolt or may not fire on all cylinders and therefore cause important damages. 

Another very important step to never neglect, the oil change to be done at least once a year to insure proper functions of the engine. The Porsche Classic Motoroils are specially formulated for 4, 6 and 8 cylinders air and water-cooled engines, tested in laboratory and on the road. Everything runs smoothly, 
components are lubricated and performance remains intact. Always a good thing to have them on hand, easy to stack up as the oil as a shelf life of 5 years and 6 months once opened. There are 4 oils to choose from and our part specialist is qualified to recommend you the best oil as per the model and the needs of your Classic. Don’t forget to do an oil change before putting away your car for the winter, in order to be ready to hit the road when time comes.


Classic Oil

Being on road in 2020 requires sometimes some technology and Porsche came up with an all new communication system specially made for your Classic Car. Thanks to Porsche Classic Communication management system, it will be soon possible to modernise your interior with this perfect fit system with a 3,5 inches touchscreen and AppleCarPlay. The system will allow media playback, navigation display and cell phone. The Media can be played back via Bluetooth®, AUX, USB or with an SD card. It will also be possible to listen to SiriusXM and to connect to a standard navigation system by using an adaptor cable and an external SD card.  
Porsche succeeded in combining the best of both worlds by surrounding you with a vintage and modern environment. Note that it will be strongly recommended to leave the installation to one of our expert for a certified work and professional results.

Take the road in beauty and style!!! Our boutique is filled with items and clothes with the Porsche crest and logo. Our Porsche Classic Collection has an array of tops for men and women with a webbed patch classic Porsche logo. We also have a superb and very practical weekender leather bag made perfect for little getaways and everyday life and what more to say of our splendid watch from the same collection that will remind you everyday that it’s time to go for a ride.

Come by, we have lot more items for you to see and enjoy. You can trust Porsche Prestige for the restoration and the maintenance of your Classic car! We have the expertise and all the necessary parts and accessories to give your precious car the loving care it deserves. You can access the list of products, accessories and more on our website under Porsche Classic Parts Explorer or visit us, it will be our pleasure to assist you. Our promise is to offer you the best there is to preserve and upkeep your Classic Car in good running condition.

Looking forward to see you and serve you!
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