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Porsche Prestige

The new Porsche Macan.

MSRP $55,174.00*

Porsche is extending its line-up of compact SUVs by adding the new Macan entry-level model. Its four-cylinder turbo engine was specifically tailored to this vehicle, which is the sports car of the SUV segment. The turbocharged two-liter engine in the Macan delivers 185 kW (252 hp) from 5.000 to 6.800 rpm. The in-line four cylinder engine is designed to be particularly sporty and efficient: It operates with up to two bar of boost pressure, charge-air cooling, petrol direct injection and variable valve timing. 

Porsche. There is no substitute.


Come and visit our large inventory of 2018 Macan at Porsche Prestige.

Starting at MSRP $55,174.00*.

*Contact your Porsche Prestige dealership for more details.